A 60 Bed Care home site prominently positioned on the A5272 into Hanley Town Centre.

A 0.8 acre site with good road access to the more affluent areas of the city, a population of over 180,000 within the catchment and a Mature Money Index (1C) of over 3000 households. The quantity of low valued terraced house prices locally masks the potential within the target market due to the local geography of the 6 towns of Stoke-on-Trent.

  • 0.8 acres 
  • undersupply of 148 beds
  • 50m2/bed
  • 21 car parking spaces
  • Acorn Households Mature Money Index 3198 households 
  • Comfortable seniors 3133 households
  • 31,189 over 65’s within a population of 180,000
  • 51% en-suite proviosion
  • Poor house values in the city hides the Market and wealth provision.

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